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For Gay Couples, Now the Pressure’s On!, New York Magazine

Leone Kraus, [an activist] says she’s been getting calls from publications that want her to pull the trigger. “Are you going to ask [your girlfriend] to marry you after the bill passes?” one outlet asked her. She responded, “If I told you then it wouldn’t be a surprise!” Her quote wasn’t used. “I found that this wasn’t the buzzy item the media was looking for. They want to meet couples who are going to tie the knot as soon as it becomes legal to, which I think is a lot of pressure,” she said. “I mean, we’ve been together for almost four years, but it’s still a big decision that I’m not going to make public in an interview,” Kraus adds. “Can you imagine going up to a straight person and asking ‘Are you going to ask him/her to marry you after the rent regulation bill passes?'” (click here to read the full article)

How New York Legalized Gay Marriage, The Huffington Post

“Over the course of two hours, Leone Kraus, who runs a blog about working in marketing “from the gay perspective” and describes herself as growing up in “a very conservative Catholic household” in MIchigan, made 75 calls in search of gay marriage allies.

That marketing experience showed. After a few answering machines, a constituent of state Senator Greg Ball, one of the critical few Republicans still publicly undecided at the time, picked up the phone. In a pleasant yet firm voice, Kraus convinced the voter to leave a short, polite message for Ball with an simple meaning: Gay marriage is something I care enough about to call.

Kraus and her partner Rebecca Hopkinson were campaigning for the bill under the auspices of New Yorkers United for Marriage, an umbrella coalition of LGBT rights groups that came together specifically for the same-sex marriage rights push. The Empire State Pride Agenda, the Human Rights Campaign, Freedom to Marry, Marriage Equality New York and the Log Cabin Republicans all joined forces in order to pass a gay marriage bill, in large part because Cuomo more or less forced them to earlier this year.

The organizing around the effort was very different in the midst of the last marriage fight. “There was no coordination back in 2009,” Hopkinson said. Now she and her partner, along with dozens of other volunteers, used rapid dialing phone bank software that could patch people in directly to their senators — a far cry from the personal cellphones they used two years ago. Their mere presence in the Midtown office building that hosts SEIU, moreover, was a testament to the vocal support of the state’s labor unions.” (click here to read the full article)

Twitter & Be Gay, Alexandra Samuels

Leone Kraus has a fantastic article that covers the particular social media challenges for LGBT folks. As she points out, a guy who keeps his sexual orientation off-the-radar at work may find himself outed online if he’s tagged in a Facebook photo taken at a gay community event. Her post brings yet another nuance to the conversation about authenticity and makes specific recommendations about how to handle the question of transparency in the gay community…(click here to read more)


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