A Bit About Me

Hello there.

Thanks for stopping by my site. Here you’ll find more about me, some writing I did in graduate school surrounding social media and the LGBT community, and my newly found career inLeone Kraus corporate social responsibility and sustainability communications and marketing. For my personal site, I’ll share my views on the evolving “communications marketing” landscape, particularly as it relates to the need for brands to communicate purpose. It’s quite the hodge-podge but I’ll make it work—you’ll see.

I’m a corporate communications and marketing professional who loves to use my chops to make the world a better place. I think brands can and should be a force for good. What a company does and its purpose is no longer something that can hang in the balance but is instead a competitive differentiator. And quite honestly, the research is proving this trajectory.

I’m currently funemployed. Prior to becoming funemployed, I worked at Methodologie, a brand strategy and corporate communications agency with a particular focus on corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Before Methodologie, I worked at Blue State Digital, a digital agency best known for their work on the 2008 Obama campaign and the It Gets Better Project. I’m a former employee of the digital magazine, Slate, part of The Washington Post company, where I worked in digital marketing and sales for five years. Prior, I was living in San Francisco and worked for the Academy of Art University running their high school marketing programs.

I’m currently leading the Seattle Chapter of Lesbians Who Tech and am a member of Net Impact, Out for Sustainability, and actively participate in events hosted by Sustainable Brands and Green Biz.

As a passion, I explore topics relating to marketing, social media, and public relations with particular focus on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. I hold a Master’s of Science degree in Corporate Communication and Public Relations from New York University. I wrote my final graduate thesis on the role that social media can play in violating the privacy of those in the LGBT community and the ethics that should be considered when using social platforms. My thesis was published by the LGBTQ journal at Harvard in spring 2013.

My writing has been featured in The Huffington Post, Advertising Week, The Bilerico Project, GreenBiz and numerous other publications. I am a contributor for Advertising Week’s Social Club and a guest contributor for The Bilerico Project (formerly on the editorial board).

I live in Seattle with my wife. We have a rescue dog named Haines.



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